I'm late in posting this... but look! We've got our cover image!

Wicked cool! :)

If you are going to Balticon, make sure you hit the BAD-ASS FAERIES 3: IN ALL THEIR GLORY release party. :) It's happening Sunday at 7PM.


It has been pretty crazy, but:


First, Christy is having a baby! :) Congrats to Chris!!

Second, plans to get our enewsletter out are happening. Expect it this week!

Third, and the awesomesauce of the post,


Title: Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory
Publisher: Mundania Press, www.mundania.com
ISBN (trade paper): 978-1-60659-208-3
ISBN (eBook): 978-1-60659-207-6
Scheduled Pub Date: 5/30/10

Balticon Launch Party: www.balticon.org
The Legendary Triple Launch (Bad-Ass Faeries 3, Dragon Lure, New Blood)
Sunday, May 30th, 7pm to 9pm, in the Garden Room
Food, Fun and Prizes. Come help the Editors, Publisher, and Contributors celebrate this third volume in the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series. There will be readings, refreshments, and a raffle of related prizes. visit www.sidhenadaire.com/promoBAF3.htm for additional details.

Contributors Attending (Please let me know if I'm wrong in any of these, or if I've left your name off incorrectly): Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jeffrey Lyman, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee C. Hillman, Dan Reitz Sr. (Publisher), D.C. Wilson, James Chambers, Hildy Silverman, Chris Pisano, Brian Koscienski, Robert E. Waters, Bernie Mojzes, Linda Saboe, Thomas Nackid, CJ Henderson, James Daniel Ross, Neal Levin, Kelly A. Harmon, Patrick Thomas, David Sherman, Elaine Corvidae, John L. French, Misty Massey, David B. Coe, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Paul Barnett (More to be added as the date approaches.)

Contents (in order):
War and Circuses by D.C. Wilson
Uddereek by Hildy Silverman
Brownies vs. Blondies by Chris Pisano & Brian Koscienski
Last Gate to Faerie by Trisha Wooldridge & Christy Tohara
Fae Fighters by Lee C. Hillman
At the Grasshopper’s Hill by Robert E. Waters
I Carry No Gun by Bernie Mojzes
Return of the Hero by C.J. Henderson
The Natural-Born Spy by James Daniel Ross
Snow and Iron by Darren W. Pearce & Neal Levin
A Brief Battle for the Throne by Jeffrey Lyman
A Not-so-Silent Night by L. Jagi Lamplighter
Selk-Skin Deep by Kelly A. Harmon
Theatre of Conflict by Jason Franks
The Size of the Fight in the Soldier by Patrick Thomas
Amazons and Predators by David Lee Summers
The Price of Friendship by David Sherman
Field of Honor by Elaine Corvidae
Faerie Ring Blues by James Chambers
So Many Deaths by John L. French
Seeing Red by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Back Ad Copy:

Think all faeries spend their days picking flowers and dancing in circles? Think again!

We bring you tales of urban conflict, of lurking assassins, of defenders of the homefront. Eternal battles…between good and evil, right and wrong, Seelie and Unseelie…fought by timeless warriors whose battle cries echo throughout both history and legend.

Discover fae fighting the good fight with every turned page. A WAC pilot and her leprechaun guardian get a bit of their own back in L. Jagi Lamplighter’s A Not-So-Silent Night. Refugee recruits from Daemor defend the base camp from gators and mongers in Patrick Thomas’s The Size of the Fight in the Solider. Elaine Corvidae treats us to a new glimpse of the realm of the Shadow Fae as an assassin stalks Pook, the Unseelie king on the Seelie throne, in Field of Honor. And in David Sherman’s The Price of Friendship a simple Nix gives Viking warriors a lesson in unconventional warfare. Each story in this collection follows a fine warrior—and fae—tradition. Protect your own, avenge your fallen, and put the bullies in their place. So get ready to declare your allegiance, because…

By Land, Air, or Sea, the battle lines are drawn…Which side are you on?

(BAF3 update thanks to: Danielle Ackley-McPhail www.sidhenadaire.com)

I forgot to remind Christy that it's her turn to blog this week... ;)

Soooo... from my Inbox, because I forgot to post them before, here are some reviews of the newly re-released Bad-A$$ Faeries series from Mundania Press:


This book got a 4.25 so use the "My Book has been Reviewed by Night Owl Reviews" icon.

Review Blurb for use on your sites:

"I found it delightful...each story made me think more and more about the possibilities of faeries being real." 4 1/4 Stars Night Owl Reviews


This book got a 4.75 so use the "Night Owl Reviews Top Pick" icon.

Review Blurb for use on your sites:

"[Bad-Ass Faeries 2] was as much if not more as enjoyable a read as its predecessor, and I will enjoy reading any other books that come across from these authors." 4.75 Stars - Top Pick, Night Owl Reviews

In the Night Owl Review, Christy's & my story, "Party Crashers" actually highlighted:

Roy, Cameron and Monica and their crew are out to capture a sidhe faerie. He’s been stealing artifacts and committing crimes all over the place and they think they may have him right where they want him. Victor Caradoc is the sidhe they are after and he is getting rich people to give him money from all over the world. He doesn’t need the money; it’s just for the sport of it.


Now... back to work on some noveling - or at least fixing our chapter synopsis! :)

Happy 2010 from Trish & Chris's Blog!

We've got a resolution/business plan to update this more regularly… so I'm starting with a similar New Year's post to what I do for myself on my own blog.

Basically, Saturday night, Chris and I had our first… what I'd call… "official" business meeting. We've been friends for years, so we just have been going with the flow, but I thought we needed to really get down to the business side of our partnership and discuss how we wanted to grow - and set ourselves some deadlines.

We have two of our own projects in the works now, and we'll be embarking on a new novel with this year's NaNoWriMo - and we want to write another short piece together, and try out a joint poem. With that, I've got several of my own projects that I need to balance… and though we didn't talk about it, I know Chris has a lot of great story ideas on her own to work on. (Like that YA Fae romance, Chris??? J Want to see it!)

Writing wise, we want to get our 2009 NaNoWriMo (secret-ish) project ready for beta readers by the end of March. Then, we want to get Yesterday's Shadows re-edited and re-ready for another round of submissions perhaps (unless we're submitting our NaNoWriMo project… see, "Business" for more on that!) We also want to finish a short piece we were playing with earlier this year, and that deadline is set for the end of September - leaving us clear for NaNoWriMo 2010.

Business wise, well, updating this blog more frequently. J We have an every-other-week schedule planned so far, and I think we will take turns with marketing updates and info on the Bad-Ass Faeries anthologies, and any other NEWS we may get. (You know, like manuscript requests and all that.) In July we need to have a talk on our query plan. I'll have seen how my own novel has done in the scary submission waters - and we'll have to decide which (if we can't do both) of our projects we should be querying. Oh - preemptive to that, January is us researching more query protocol/manners. We also have a business meeting to discuss marketing/platform for our 2009 NaNoWriMo project this Tuesday.

I look forward to this being our most productive year together! Great things will happen.

Happy 2010 to you!

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